Courage, Commitment, Compassion

Corrections officers make a difference in their communities in many ways. They are first responders, protectors and caregivers committed to keeping our communities safe.

Committed to You

Securing Our Communities: Corrections Officers’ Vital Role


When it comes to community safety, corrections officers serve a very important role. They dedicate their days and nights to maintaining order within our correctional facilities. These unsung heroes take on the duty of managing the day to day lives of inmates, including their safety and rehabilitation. When they are successful in their job the results are felt beyond the walls of the facility throughout the community.


Setting the Record Straight: Understanding Corrections Officers’ True Role


It’s time to change the way we think of corrections officers. The responsibilities they are trusted with extend far beyond traditional security. These professionals support positive change, engaging with inmates in ways that encourage growth, recovery, and reentry into society. They act as mentors, peacemakers, and supporters. The importance of their various roles deserves our respect and thanks.


A Call for Unity: Joining Hands for Safer Communities


As we uncover the true role of corrections officers and shed light on their community impact, we invite you to stand with us in support. By correcting misconceptions and understanding their valuable contributions, we can all create an environment that leads to safer communities. Let’s recognize the commitment, dedication, and impact of corrections officers, and together, let’s pave the way to a safer New Mexico.

Serving the Community

Corrections officers selflessly serve their communities on and off the job. On the job their focus is keeping the community, the inmates in their custody and their fellow officers safe. Off the job, many serve as volunteers in their communities.

Officer Spotlight​

Corrections Officers come from many different backgrounds. They are brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. They are just ordinary people who want to make a difference in their communities, their families and in the lives of others.

To find out about becoming a corrections officer, explore the map below by clicking on a county. Counties with opportunities are in gold.

Luna Otero Eddy Lincoln Socorro Cibola Bernalillo McKinley San Juan Sandoval Taos San Miguel Quay Curry Roosevelt

The Statewide corrections officer Hero’s Campaign is a multi-media public relations and grassroots campaign specifically targeting participating New Mexico counties. The purpose of the campaign is to educate, inform and dispel misconceptions about the important, but often misunderstood or neglected role of corrections officers in public safety.